Gohan and videl dating fanfiction

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Videl Satan was perfectly aware that she wasn't very tall. Oneshot. Get your exclusive coverage of the biggest date in history! You won't want to miss it! Rated: Fiction T - English - Humor - Gohan, Videl. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

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I don't own it, and this is fan fiction for entertainment only. Gohan and Videl have been dating for a year as a secret but when everyone they know and the world finds out, will they ever be able to date in. This one-shot is a gift for arashi wolf princess' birthday, so… Happy birthday to you, and thank you to vampygurl for the B-day request!

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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Hey everybody, I'm back with chapter 2 of Gohan and Videl. I know it a little early to be uploading since I uploaded chapter 1 like two days ago. She's been so helpful as of late, and she's been letting me use the premium version of Grammarly if you don't use it, you should - it's awesome, even if the premium version is EX-PEN-SIVEso as a great big thank you I've come out of DBZ retirement for a few days to gift her with "The Boyfriend School.

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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Videl s and Gohan s time alone at his parents house leads to more. I don t know if there will be another chapter, so I will mark it as complete. You don't mess with the Gohan.

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Two days after the horrible party that revealed their relationship the two teens Gohan and Videl flew their way to school. Gohan finally decides to ask Videl out on a date. Will everything go smoothly or not? Tune in to find out. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance. View Badges!

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How would that affect Gohan and videl. Gohan and Videl's first date.;. Gohan makes it back to his home. Although he's a bit bruised and bloody from his spar with Vegeta his biggest. It was a warm summer evening and Son Gohan had planned to spend it with his girlfriend Videl watching a movie while his parents Son Goku and ChiChi are going to town for dinner and his younger brother Gote is having a sleepover at his best friends Trunks s house.

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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Gohan & Videl have been on a date and have beginning to show interest in each other, but they aren't dating, yet. Also, since it's been a half.

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"I sure hope this date goes slot-games.info seems like a really nice girl " Gohan thought. "Maybe I should call Bulma and ask for some advice.

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Gohan and Videl had soon after returning from the lookout, confessed their love to each other. And since then, they had been dating secretly.


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