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On the one hand, there were delightful doses of Schadenfreude ripe for the picking: images of rich people scrambling to hoard wet mattresses and crying over the cold cheese and plain bread that replaced the gourmet cuisine they had been promised when they spent obscene amounts of money on tickets. Both would be better if everyone just stayed home. “How My Dating Life and Fyre Festival are Basically the Same” is published by Sara. Fyre Festival founder Billy McFarland was sentenced to six years in prison Thursday for multiple counts of fraud, including the failed festival in the Bahamas last year where the year-old lured hundreds of millennials with the help of celebrity investors like Ja Rule and Instagram celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid.

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With its gorgeous deserted island setting in the Bahamas, its high-profile line-up of talent, its promotional blitz that included the likes of Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber, Emily Ratajkowski, Kendall Jenner and many more A-list influencers—not to mention its luxury price tag indicating that attendance was the ultimate sign of status—these two weekends in April of were meant to be FOMO-inducing days that would make Coachella look like mere child's play. Have YOU been Fyre'd? Expert reveals how to avoid the new dating trend named after the doomed festival which involves being misled on. He was featured in the new Netflix documentary about the Fyre Festival scandal.

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Billy McFarland wants to share his story with the world, that is unless two Fyre Festival documentaries already gave you all the information you need to know. From prison, Fyre Festival's Billy McFarland is still dating model Anastasia Eremenko. Inhis VIP card company, Magnises, was kicked out of its Greenwich Village townhouse after its parties allegedly caused tens of thousands of dollars in damages.

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By Ben Allen. In the latest Hulu documentary, Fyre Fraud, Russian supermodel Anastasia Eremenko confirms that she is in a relationship with convicted felon. By Unity Blott For Mailonline.

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The rapper Ja Rule, who helped create the catastrophic would-be music festival Fyre Fest with the entrepreneur Billy McFarland, acknowledged to TMZ on Thursday that he hadn't watched either of the two recent documentaries about it, saying he "lived it" and didn't have to watch them. The former Fyre Festival employee appeared in the Netflix Details About The Fyre Festival Employee Who Used To Date Selena Gomez. Or, rather, his girlfriend did.

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The disgraced organizer of the disastrous Fyre music festival in the Bahamas, an audacious scheme that defrauded investors and left hundreds of ticket buyers stranded on an island, was sentenced on Thursday to six years in prison by a federal judge in Manhattan. Billy McFarland is the brains behind the ill-fated Fyre Fest. for multiple counts of fraud, Eremenko and McFarland appear to still be dating. Even though he's behind bars, McFarland is still in a relationship with Russian model Anastasia Eremenko.

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Fyre Festival may have been two years ago, but the drama that led up to the entire mess is still unfolding. Rapper claims Hulu and Netflix paid people involved in the failed music event for their participation in two new films. Are you trying to decide between the two documentaries streaming right now about Fyre Festivalthe disastrous luxury music festival that collapsed spectacularly on social media?

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Fyre Festival may have been two years ago, but the drama that led up to the entire mess is still unfolding. Since the release of two back-to-back.

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“He said that he had an offer for $, to film with someone else,” director Chris Smith told V.F. Fyre co-founder Billy McFarland abandoned them without payment for months of labor when the whole thing went haywire. But more than anything, director Chris Smith sees his film as.